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Astronomical Telescope Eyepieces

This event has ended

The Astronomy Club of Augusta for the CSRA (ACA) will present the program Astronomical Telescope Eyepieces Featured speaker Richard Cofer will discuss “everything (or at least some of what) you want to know but were afraid to ask.” Some necessary terminology will be covered to understand the basics. He will discuss descriptions and use of various eyepiece designs, sizes, accessories, and recommendations. Lunar Observing will take place after the meeting and refreshments will be served by Jean Yarsawich.

Telescope EyepiecesThe eyepiece is the most important accessory for a telescope. In today’s world, most commercial telescopes come with either poor quality eyepieces or only one eyepiece or both. To get the most out of your telescope, you probably need to purchase additional ones. This can be expensive, especially if you get eyepieces that don’t or can’t perform to your needs or expectations. Having made painful mistakes and spent untold dollars figuring out the best choices of eyepieces for his use, Mr. Cofer hopes to help you learn and avoid the same pitfalls.

About the Speaker
Originally from Aiken, Richard Cofer grew up in Georgia, served in the Navy, and graduated from the University of Georgia. He got his first telescope in high school and has been hooked ever since. While in high school, he served as a student telescope assistant at Atlanta’s Fernbank Science Center. Over the years he has constructed a 12 1/2″ Newtonian reflector on an equatorial fork mount, built a roll-off observatory from a Sears storage building for a Meade 10″ LX200 on a pier, and has owned numerous other telescopes. Most recently Richard has been using a 5″ refractor for visual observations and astrophotography. He joined the ACA last year, and won the ACA Observing Award in July.

For more information about the Astronomy Club of Augusta, please visit the ACA website.