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French Author Danielle Boisse’ Book Signing & Presentation

This event has ended

Under the name of Brenda Lee O’Ryan, the French-American novelist Danielle Boissé has penned her new book The Girl in Red, which has been released by Lucien-Souny in the Black Plumes collection; a thriller which takes place between Lodève and the Causse du Larzac, with characters who live in the town of Caylar.

The story is about an old matter that reappears thanks to Gwendoline, a 5th grade student of Irish origin, who communicates with a little girl who has been dead for twenty years. While
murders are happening all over France, nobody takes her seriously except for her teacher
Marine Thibeau and local police officer Thomas Moreau. With the help of an ornithologist who loves vultures, they will try to solve the mystery.

“I often went back and forth from Perpignan where I live to Aubrac”, says Danielle Boissé, who stopped each time in the area of ​​Caylar . “One day, I took the time to go to the village and I fell in love with the Roc Castel, the carved tree …”. This is how I came up with the idea for the book after several meetings, including one with the Mayor of Caylar. “I thought of writing a new rural novel, but my publisher asked me for a thriller. So the story of the teacher and her friend the police officer started from there “. To avoid a confusion of genre, Danielle took an Irish pen name, just like the heroine of her novel. “I had already written a series of five thrillers set in Pays Catalan a few years ago, and the idea of writing a series set around Lodève was appealing because it is a beautiful country.”

Meet Danielle Boisse’ on December 11th! She will be selling her books in French and English.