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Frozen Interactive Movie

This event has ended

Join us for this fun event! We’ll be watching Frozen and interacting with the screen! If you love singing along with Elsa and Anna and drinking hot cocoa, you’ll definitely want to attend. Registration is now closed. If you still want to attend and don’t mind not having a bag to participate, feel free to come watch the movie. There will be hot cocoa for everyone who attends. We will post the bag contents on the ABBE and Facebook event pages on the first week of December if you would like to make and bring your own.

Each Frozen Bag will contain the following
*One Regular sized carrot
*One Jingle Bell (on a small loop)
*Three Hershey’s Kisses
*One plastic snack bag containing a Deconstructed Olaf: One large marshmallow whole, one half marshmallow, two mini marshmallows, and two pretzel sticks.
*One Rock and one pair of eyes to bejewel the rock with.
*One sandwich cookie.
*One sheet of paper (We will have plenty on hand!)

Ms. Renee is also making Snowflake wands out of snowflake ornaments and dowels. Snowflake ornaments were purchased at Dollar Tree and the dowels were purchased at Walmart.
And that’s it! Ms. Renee may be making paper medals to go in the bags as well, but if she does there will be enough for everyone.

It doesn’t seem like a lot! Don’t forget we will have plenty of hot cocoa on hand. And we are hoping to have a little photo op (NO ELSA OR ANNA ACTORS will be present) for you.