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4th Tuesday Book Club (Group A)


Group A meets to discuss A SHORT TIME TO STAY HERE by Terry Roberts.

“War will change everything that should have been.

In that summer of 1917 the U.S. enters WWI and the Mountain Park Hotel is pressed into service as an internment camp for over 2,000 German nationals. This sudden collision of lives and cultures in the small town of Hot Springs, North Carolina is both frightening and exhilarating. The unlikely alliance that forms between Hans Ruser, German Commodore of the world’s largest and most luxurious cruise liner, Vaderland and hotel manager Stephen Robbins will force each to decide just how far they are willing to go to keep peace in the beautiful and isolated mountains.

Feisty Anna Ulmann, seeking to assert her independence in a male-dominated world, will match wits with Robbins. Together they will discover the true meaning of imprisonment and escape.”

The meeting will take place in the Conference Room on the 2nd floor. To confirm location and details, call 803-642-2020, extension 3