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Volunteer Opportunities

The purpose of the Aiken-Bamberg-Barnwell-Edgefield Regional Library System’s volunteer program is to supplement the work of the regular library staff, enabling the staff to extend more and better service to the public in an efficient, economic manner. The library reserves the right to establish or eliminate volunteer positions at any time, based upon the needs of the library and the overall situation. Even though volunteers are unpaid, it is recognized that the use of volunteers is not always an efficient, economic, or appropriate means to accomplish the library’s mission.

There are other factors to be taken into consideration beyond the fact that volunteers do not receive salaries, such as coordination, accountability, availability, and qualification/suitability. There are necessarily some limitations to the appropriateness and effectiveness of using volunteers. One example of a task which is considered inappropriate for volunteers to perform is the operation of the library’s automated computer system for circulation and for keying in patron registration information. Only paid staff are allowed to perform this task. These circulation procedures involve extensive training and updating, the use of passwords, and confidentiality of patron and computer system information for which paid staff only can be held accountable.

The following are some illustrative examples of tasks which are considered appropriate for volunteers:

Patron Assistance – aiding patrons in the use of the Public Access Catalog and other equipment

General Branch Helper – providing directional assistance to patrons and assisting paid staff with other duties as specified

Shelver/Shelf Reader – placing books on shelves in correct order; checking books already on the shelf for accurate placement

Clerical Assistance – typing, filing, sorting, preparing mailbags, etc.

Special Projects – assisting with special projects which range from half day to several days, depending on the project



Monetary Gifts

The ABBE Regional Library System gratefully welcomes your tax-deductible monetary gifts made directly to an individual library or to the regional library system.

Donors may choose to designate monetary gifts as memorials or tributes to honor a friend or relative. The gift giver may also suggest specific furniture, equipment, or titles of collection materials to be purchased with their donation. The library, however, reserves the right of final selection.

When appropriate, the library will create book plates or other designations of recognition to satisfy a donor’s request.

If you are interested in making a gift and have additional questions please speak to a Library Manager or the Regional Director.

Gifts of Books and Other Collection Materials

ABBE accepts donations of used books and other collection materials provided they enhance the library system’s collection. We will not accept materials that are not outright gifts, and reserve the right to assign any materials wherever the need is greatest. Because of wear, theft and mutilation the permanence of gifts is not guaranteed.

Gifts of books and collection materials must be in usable condition. Because of limitations of space, money and staff the Library reserves the right to accept or discard any materials given to the library. The Library will make every effort to dispose of gift materials it cannot use to the best advantage, such as through Friends of the Library book sales or recycling.

We request that all donations be clean, gently used, and have white (non-yellowing) pages.

We cannot accept books books with the following conditions:

  • Moldy/musty/dust-coated
  • Discolored pages
  • Water/Smoke damaged
  • Torn covers/Missing dust jackets
  • Broken bindings
  • Excessive writing and/or notes in text
  • Withdrawn/discarded library materials
  • Dictionaries or Encyclopedias
  • Textbooks/Schoolbooks
  • Outdated material in the following subject areas: business, finance, health, science, law, computers
  • Reader’s Digest Condensed Books
  • Boxes of books that have been moved directly from long-term storage without climate control. We cannot accept books that have not been properly inspected by the donor due to the possibility of pests or mold.



Friends of the Library

Our Friends groups are member-supported, nonprofit organizations that advocate, raise funds, and provide critical support to the ABBE Regional Library System. Learn more about our Friends of the Library organizations here.



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